Contract Staffing

  • Temporary Staffing or Contract Staffing Services is offered to meet contingent or regular staffing requirements.
  • Post Sign up for a requirement we help our clients in hiring temporary resources and then take the selected candidates on our payroll and provide payroll support to our clients.
  • Clients can also place existing or pre-identified temporary/contractual resources on our Payroll.
  • YORS HR takes full responsibility of taking such resources on its payroll and provide for all HR Administrative activities, statutory benefits and compliances for the temporary resources.
  • YORS HR is already providing such support to various Clients with PAN India presence.
We Assure you off:
  • Seamless deployment of Temporary Resources
  • Quick TAT on Service Delivery
  • Month on Month Comprehensive Statutory Compliance
  • Real Time Support to Client and Resources
Temporary Staffing Deployment Model: